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Monday, April 15, 2013


Skin on skin
Rippling rolling
Hungry hands holding
Perfume and candle flaming
Licking lovingly lips lingering
Clutching nails on soft back scratching
Music of thick breathing, voices unison moaning
Sweetness sticky suckling surrendering in satisfaction
Sweat beading, opening parting, body arching aching, juices rushing
Climbing crescendo creating clinging convulsing
Joining tightening releasing waters flooding
Panting purring perfecting performance
Touching tongues tickling time
Smiling sighing smoking
Completed coupled
Breathing soft
The taste
Of you
Insatiable Seductions 2011©

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spilled Passion

Spilled Passion

I push myself against you
My body, my form
A complete and uncontrolled
Being of pleasure

I make luscious sounds
As your arm clings to me
Pulling at my clothes
Like peeling lotus blossoms

Your fingers etch lust
Across my chest
And your tongue
Offers a salve to my skin
That leaves me aching for more

I hum loudly as I fall
Back onto the rug
It scratches my hips
And burns my flesh
But I am blind

I’m waiting for
The true scratches of encaged passion
That emit from your palms
As they press me down
And your lips
As they mumble my name

I’ll explode with fire
And emerge
Like a phoenix anew
I tear at your shoulders
My fingers dig
To tear thru your skin
To bare your soul

My teeth search out your biceps
And you grunt as I make my mark
And leave my insignia
Of pleasure

I find myself taken aback
As you swell above me
With equal force matching and
Overtaking me, overwhelming my senses
And dominating my body

My mind a whirl and twist
Of passion and ideas
Dark and sensual
Complex and smoldering
Like a night fire, a shooting star

A screaming woman
“Oh, the woman is me”
As I shudder and fall
And cling to you

So you burn with me
My body will light yours
As we heat up the room
Drop water on us
Watch it evaporate in steam
And in the aftermath
Of the glorious occasion
We’re still hot, we're heated
Smoke rising from our bodies
Collapsed against each other

Fallen monuments
Testifying to our
Spilled passion
As it leaks away
To ignite another fire
Insatiable Seductions 2011©


Monday, August 6, 2012

Thinking of You

Thinking Of You  

Thinking of you throughout the day,
Makes me horny in every way.

I want you now to "cum" inside,
Now tell me do you want me to ride?

Feeling your body next to mine,
"cum" on baby put me in line.

As you are ripping off the lace,
I watch the look upon your face.

Then as you start to go down south,
I feel me slip in your mouth.

As I rub my hands through your hair,
All my juices I start to share.

The sounds you make while eating me out,
Just makes me want to scream and shout.

Now let me suck your wonderful stock,
Sucking so well that you're in shock

Insatiable Seductions 2011©

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Realms of Erotica

The Realms Of Erotica

We are languid, new and untouched
Our bodies transcending into one another's touch
Hungrily we unleash ourselves into lust and yearning

His hands caress me,
tempting me to give way to his needs
I open up like the petals of a budding flower
Allowing him to enter me

Drinking in the smells and sounds of our sex
Feeling his heartbeat, the strength and rhythm
penetrating my mind
This moment is intoxicating

Releasing myself to all the demands of my sub-conscious
Following blindly into our climax
We are a mess of flesh and flames
Melting into one another like the wax of a candle
Salty taste of sweat dripping from our skin

This is the ecstasy that some are afraid to feel
This is the passion that too many people repress
Joining together in a tiring embrace
Panting, sweating and too tired to speak

I look over at him and smile
knowing we are only beginning
this journey into
the realms of erotica.

Insatiable Seductions 2011©

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Calligraphy of Desire

Calligraphy Of Desire

My velvet brush dips deep and lingers there
in the warm inkwell of your endless desire
the ink of passion flows for me tonight
so I may show you how it feels my muse
to be so truly needed by an ardent lover

I hunger to write poems of Love's power
upon the warm supple parchment of your skin
secret words that only you can comprehend
till my brush runs dry and I return to dip again
in ink made by god for the calligraphy of desire
Insatiable Seductions 2011©