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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Realms of Erotica

The Realms Of Erotica

We are languid, new and untouched
Our bodies transcending into one another's touch
Hungrily we unleash ourselves into lust and yearning

His hands caress me,
tempting me to give way to his needs
I open up like the petals of a budding flower
Allowing him to enter me

Drinking in the smells and sounds of our sex
Feeling his heartbeat, the strength and rhythm
penetrating my mind
This moment is intoxicating

Releasing myself to all the demands of my sub-conscious
Following blindly into our climax
We are a mess of flesh and flames
Melting into one another like the wax of a candle
Salty taste of sweat dripping from our skin

This is the ecstasy that some are afraid to feel
This is the passion that too many people repress
Joining together in a tiring embrace
Panting, sweating and too tired to speak

I look over at him and smile
knowing we are only beginning
this journey into
the realms of erotica.

Insatiable Seductions 2011©