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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spilled Passion

Spilled Passion

I push myself against you
My body, my form
A complete and uncontrolled
Being of pleasure

I make luscious sounds
As your arm clings to me
Pulling at my clothes
Like peeling lotus blossoms

Your fingers etch lust
Across my chest
And your tongue
Offers a salve to my skin
That leaves me aching for more

I hum loudly as I fall
Back onto the rug
It scratches my hips
And burns my flesh
But I am blind

I’m waiting for
The true scratches of encaged passion
That emit from your palms
As they press me down
And your lips
As they mumble my name

I’ll explode with fire
And emerge
Like a phoenix anew
I tear at your shoulders
My fingers dig
To tear thru your skin
To bare your soul

My teeth search out your biceps
And you grunt as I make my mark
And leave my insignia
Of pleasure

I find myself taken aback
As you swell above me
With equal force matching and
Overtaking me, overwhelming my senses
And dominating my body

My mind a whirl and twist
Of passion and ideas
Dark and sensual
Complex and smoldering
Like a night fire, a shooting star

A screaming woman
“Oh, the woman is me”
As I shudder and fall
And cling to you

So you burn with me
My body will light yours
As we heat up the room
Drop water on us
Watch it evaporate in steam
And in the aftermath
Of the glorious occasion
We’re still hot, we're heated
Smoke rising from our bodies
Collapsed against each other

Fallen monuments
Testifying to our
Spilled passion
As it leaks away
To ignite another fire
Insatiable Seductions 2011©